Single Swing "Single Dream Flyer I"

Single Swing "Single Dream Flyer I"

Garden swings are an incredible highlight for children and are guaranteed to be a big dream come true for them. The swing height and swing width can be adjusted on request!

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This is what you get:

  • Construction according to DIN EN 71-8 (play equipment for the garden area).
  • Swing frame made of high-quality stainless steel tubing and multi-layer wood (glue laminated beams) in visible quality class "A"
  • Painting according to DIN EN71-3 (paints and varnishes for playground equipment)
  • Painting applied in a 3-layer system: primer and 2 layers of PU paint for long-lasting quality. UV and weather resistant.
  • RAL colour shade freely selectable when ordering.
  • Swing hooks "Made by SCHAUKELWERK" in stainless steel with special bearings for high loads, ease of movement and durability.
  • All connecting elements (screws, nuts, washers) in stainless steel.
  • Special ground anchors in "heavy-duty design", so that stability is guaranteed for any type of ground.
  • Load capacity of swing frame up to 150kg.
  • The swing height and swing width can be adjusted on request!
  • Detailed assembly instructions, drawing incl. foundation plan and spare parts list.
  • Swing frame is delivered in pre-assembled condition.

If you have decided on the single swing as a swing frame, there are still factors that need to be considered before buying. It is important to measure the space intended for it so that a swing frame of the right size can be selected. It should also be noted that the size of the swing frame itself is not the only important factor. Think here also about the full use. Maybe you or your child would like to be pushed. This means that it is not only about the space on the swing, but also about the space for the person who stands at the end of the swing and pushes. Another small tip: If you have the resources, you can think about using a sandpit as a base for the swing. Of course, this is not a must.

The single swing

Garden swings are an incredible highlight for children and are guaranteed to be a big dream come true for them. This is the children's play equipment par excellence. We at SCHAUKELWERK attach particular importance to high-quality swings that will inspire for a long time. A garden swing can quickly turn a simple garden into an entire playground. In our market, you will find a wide variety of versions, combinations and features designed for both large and small. If you want to opt for the single swing, we will explain which swing fits best and what options are available.


What are the advantages of a single swing? A single swing is the perfect compromise between fun and space. The frames are mostly very narrow and fit into smaller gardens. What's more, a single swing doesn't have to be boring. Different swing seats or individual modules, such as a Trunreck, can quickly transform it into a versatile play structure. The only disadvantage? If several like to enjoy the fun of a swing, this usually involves waiting and taking turns.

Unique designs

We at SCHAUKELWERK, are not only fit when it comes to building. Of course, we still know that our swings are robust, resilient and durable. But what also matters to us - and what also sets us apart - are the unique designs of our swing frames. Because we also like to be creative and have come up with a lot of interesting models over time. We also know that our customers come to us with a lot of creativity and wishes. You want a single swing with a blue or green frame? Or simply in simple, noble shades of grey You have even more ideas? No problem at all! We'll sit down together and work on your dream swing. Because we make everything by hand and that makes a lot possible.

Wood and stainless steel combo

Our swings are made of two specific materials. One is wood, the other stainless steel. Both have their advantages and both are regionally sourced by us. Just as the wood comes from local and sustainable forests. To achieve optimal results in performance and appearance, all our models are a combination of wood and stainless steel. But what advantages do the materials bring?


With a combination of wood and stainless steel, the advantages of these materials are also combined, making it possible for our customers to implement and take into account all their wishes.

Wood has the advantage that it "lives". It can thus adapt ideally to any garden and its properties make it the literal cornerstone for stable constructions.

The "noble" wood is the ideal material for our customers.

The "noble" in stainless steel does not promise too much, because it is not for nothing that it belongs to the particularly noble steels and is used by us for the swing frames and turntables. Stainless steel has the great advantage that it does not need to be protected against rust. It is completely rust-free and belongs to the category of stainless steel. This makes it ideal for outdoors, as it can withstand any weather conditions and impresses with its stability. Its composition alone makes it durable for over 213 years and brings the correspondingly high-quality look to the swing in the garden.

Combination without end

In addition to the individual solutions for the frames themselves, the swing itself of course also offers a variety of combinations for young and old. We have seats that make a baby swing possible, but can be replaced in no time at all with seats that turn it into a child's swing. Hammocks can be hooked in, sun sails and other swing elements such as plate swings, nest swings and many more. These are never permanently attached to the frame and can be replaced at will. Each swing seat offers its own unique experience. So a swing for one person can quickly become fun for two or more with a new swing seat.

Fun for all

SCHAUKELWERK knows that the fun of swinging does not disappear at some point. Everyone loves the feeling of swinging high in the air and enjoying the wind, as well as the feeling of being a little closer to the sun than usual. That's why we are not a manufacturer for the pure children's swing. Instead, we offer fun for babies, toddlers, children, teenagers - all the way up to adults. Many of our options are height adjustable from the start and our swing modules are also available for every age group. So don't let us stop you, because we have swing fun for everyone!

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