The SCHAUKELWERK production

The best swings for children and adults

We simply love our high-quality swings from We produce all our swings by hand with high-quality materials made of wood and stainless steel. Even the smallest detail is developed by ourselves. The idea of came about after we had to tear down our third play tower together with the wooden swings. There's no question about it: production on mass never has class and that's why we still produce by hand in our small manufactory in Euskirchen Flamersheim and only on individual customer request. No play equipment is off the peg. But the overall waiting time is shorter than with the large mass producers of expensive play equipment.

Look at the production chain!

We only buy the raw materials of wood and stainless steel regionally. The wood comes from local, sustainably growing forests.

We only use the best materials to make high-quality swings and play equipment for the garden. Everything is built by hand and carefully assembled with love into complete swing frames including all the trimmings. This makes assembling the play equipment in the garden child's play.

All swings can be purchased as single, double or triple swings. Our newest products are an additional turn-bar and a sun sail. We can offer the height-adjustable turnstile and the sun sail for all swing models. They expand your play equipment in the garden many times over.

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