Double gymnastics bar

Double gymnastics bar

With our gymnastics models, we not only want to offer variety, we also place particular emphasis on quality and resilience.

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This is what you get:

  • Construction according to DIN EN 71-8 (play equipment for the garden area).
  • Turnout frame made of high-quality stainless steel tubing and multi-layer wood (glue laminated beams) in visible quality class "A"
  • Painting according to DIN EN71-3 (paints and varnishes for playground equipment)
  • Painting applied in a 3-layer system: primer and 2 layers of PU paint for long-lasting quality. UV and weather resistant.
  • RAL colour shade freely selectable when ordering.
  • All connecting elements (screws, nuts, washers) in stainless steel.
  • Special ground anchors in "heavy-duty design", so that stability is guaranteed for every type of ground.
  • Turnout bar load up to 150kg.
  • Height adjustment of the turnout bar without tools.
  • Detailed assembly instructions, drawing incl. foundation plan and spare parts list.
  • Turnout bar frame is delivered pre-assembled
  • The turnout bar heights can be adjusted without tools as follows:
    • Turnout bar small: min. 800, 1000, 1200, max. 1400 mm
    • Turnout bar medium: min. 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, max. 1800 mm
    • Turnout bar high: min. 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, max. 2400 mm

Turntables in themselves do not take up much space and are wider rather than longer. Nevertheless, it is important to measure exactly where you want to place the turnout bar before you buy it. Furthermore, it is important to consider the different exercises that can be done on the gym bar. Besides the children's romp, there should be space for swinging and other exercises planned for the apparatus. This way, there will be no space problems later and it can be used without obstacles.

The Turnreck

When we are on the playground, we remember many things and playground equipment that are incredibly fun. For this reason, we at SCHAUKELWERK ve not only focused on the swing itself. One piece of play equipment - or sports equipment - that we have focused on is the Turnreck. With it, we would like to extend the fun in our own garden even more and offer the possibility to exercise in other ways besides the swing. It should be said that this equipment can also be an incredible highlight in the garden for the older generation. With our turnstile models, we not only want to offer variety, we also place particular emphasis on quality and resilience. No worrying wobbling of the frame or the turnout bar. Everything sits firmly in place and is also easy to assemble.


A clear advantage of a gymnastics bar is that it is very narrow and does not necessarily require a lot of space even for various gymnastics exercises. Furthermore, in addition to its stable design, it is height-adjustable and can be used by all generations. Because it is height-adjustable, it also combines different training equipment in one. Gymnastics exercises can be done, pull-ups and much more. The adjustable bar is just as high quality as the scaffolding and can be moved into the various positions without any loss of stability and without the need for tools. This is done easily and without headaches.

In addition, it can be used not only as a single pole but also as a double pole. So if you have a longer garden, you can train in pairs or just have fun in doubles.

Unique designs

Just like the swings, we also provide the turnrecks in high-quality and individual designs. This means that colour and other extras can be realised by SCHAUKELWERK. For special wishes and ideas, we are also happy to sit down together and discuss the possibilities right up to the final realisation. Because our goods are handmade and come from our own pen. We are creative minds who also like to put other people's creative ideas into practice. The love for quality and handwork therefore makes it possible for you to receive a unique model from us.

Turnout bar made of wood & stainless steel

Our turnrecks are made of two specific materials. One is wood, the other is stainless steel. Both have their advantages and both are regionally sourced by us. Just as the wood comes from local and sustainable forests. To achieve optimal results in performance and appearance, all our models are a combination of wood and stainless steel. But what advantages do the materials bring?


With a combination of wood and stainless steel, the advantages of these materials are also combined and make it possible for our customers to implement and take into account all their wishes.

Wood has the advantage that it "lives". It can thus adapt ideally to any garden and its properties make it the literal cornerstone for stable constructions.

The "noble" wood is the ideal material for our customers.

The "noble" in stainless steel does not promise too much, because it is not for nothing that it belongs to the particularly noble steels and is used by us for the swing frames and turntables. Stainless steel has the great advantage that it does not need to be protected against rust. It is completely rust-free and belongs to the category of stainless steel. This makes it ideal for outdoors, as it can withstand any weather conditions and impresses with its stability. Its composition alone makes it durable for over 213 years and brings the correspondingly high-quality look to the swing in the garden.

Combination without end

The different heights are a combination in themselves. But that's not where it ends for us. Because it's easy and natural to combine the Turnreck with our swings. This not only increases the fun factor, but also makes it flexible for many combinations. Even if the wish for an integrated swing or a double bar comes later.

Fun for everyone

We at SCHAUKELWERK love to manufacture for young and old. That means we want to please everyone from toddlers to adults with our models. Unlike a swing, the Turnreck can also offer terrific added sporting value for adults. The height-adjustable stainless steel bars make various exercises possible. If you set it particularly high, it is suitable for pull-ups, cross-training and calisthenics exercises. So if you are a big fan of outdoor sports, you will be able to have a lot of fun and challenge yourself with one of our gym racks. We are also pleased that the different heights mean that a very durable piece of equipment is used. If you used to hang curiously on the bars as a small child before and can really start to romp around as you get older, you may find yourself doing your morning fitness exercises on the bar even after ten years. Because we are of the opinion that longevity and quality do not have to be expensive. This way, all generations can enjoy the gym bar to the fullest and to the fullest extent over a longer period of time.

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