Delivery and shipping costs / delivery times

The company SCHAUKELWERK GmbH supplies its customers itself with its own logistics. The delivery costs are staggered according to postcode districts as follows:


  • 1-4 accessories 9,95EUR, from the 5th part 49,95 - 79,95EUR (depending on postcode)

The delivery costs per postcode circle are as follows:

  • Postcode circle 40*,41*,42*,44*,45*,46*,47*,50*,51*,52*,53*,54*,56*,57*,58* = 49,95EUR
  • Postcode circle 35*,48*,55*,59*,60*,61*,65*,66*,67* = 59,95EUR
  • Postcode circle 32*,33*,34*,36*,49*,63*,64*,68*,69*,76* = 64,95EUR
  • Postcode circle 26*,27*28*,30*,31*,37*,38*,70*,71*,72*,73*,74*,75*,77*,78*,79*,88*,89*,90*,91*,96*,97*,98*,99* = 69,95EUR
  • Postcode circle 04*,06*,07*,08*,09*,19*,20*,21*,22*,23*,29*,39*,80*,81*,82*,83*,84*,85*,86*,87*,92*,93*,94*,95* = 74,95EUR
  • Postcode circle 01*,02*,03*,10*,12*,13*,14*,15*,16*,17*,18*,24*,25* = 79,95EUR

The delivery times for this are approx. 4-6 weeks, possibly longer if the order situation is high.

It is also possible to receive the goods by forwarding agent within 1-2 weeks. For this purpose we have set up our express shipping service:

  • EXPRESS-Shipping: 159,95EUR (within Germany)


Austria / Switzerland / Liechtenstein

  • 1-4 accessories: 14,95EUR
  • Delivery swing frame: 99,95EUR

Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg

  • 1-4 accessories: 14,95EUR
  • Delivery swing frame: 79,95EUR


  • 1-4 accessories: 14,95EUR
  • Delivery swing frame: 89,95EUR

The delivery times for this are approx. 4-6 weeks, if necessary longer in case of a high order situation.


Of course it is also possible to pick up the ordered goods personally at our premises in Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 24, 53879 Euskirchen.

Payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Pre-payment via banking-transfer