SCHAUKELWERK from Euskirchen

We, the Bremer family, are behind from Euskirchen. First and foremost dad Jörg, father of three children. Jörg was born in Münster and moved to Euskirchen 15 years ago. He works in mechanical engineering and, as you can see, is also very creative.

Jörg, what made you decide to build swings?

"Through my children, well-known manufacturers of play towers and swings have accompanied me for a long time. Unfortunately, I always found that after 3-4 years, weathering and poor quality made it impossible to dismantle them. For this reason, I thought of a construction with high-quality materials that would put an end to the whole thing. High quality doesn't have to be expensive - that's why I like to share my swing frames with others. So that they can also play here with a lot of joy."

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