Here you can buy swings in high quality, built by hand and for a lifetime. We at SCHAUKELWERK manufacture high-quality swings and playground equipment that impresses with its durability. In our manufactory in Euskirchen we produce swing and play equipment in stylish and filigree form with high-quality materials. Planned with attention to detail, you can buy from us swings that are durable and of high quality. All our swings and accessories we build by hand. Our company is located in Euskirchen between Cologne and Bonn in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since 2020 you can buy your dream swing from us, we run the business on a professional level since this year. Buy swings in different sizes and designs - according to your taste. Or expand your swing with high quality swing accessories.

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now at SCHAUKELWERK - whether single model, double or triple swing. And expand your swing with the purchase of extensions such as a turnstile or sun sail.

Buy swings that will last a lifetime

Single, double or triple swing, or in the modular system with turnstile and sail combinable or an individual solution desired by you. At SCHAUKELWERK you can buy your swing at a reasonable price.

High quality garden swings

All our garden swings are truly unique. The products of Schaukelwerk are built by hand with great attention to detail and painted several times in the RAL colors of your choice. Our references speak for themselves - take a look at the swings that others have built before you.

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The story behind SCHAUKELWERK

We love to swing and already allowed to buy many swings. Not only our children are the biggest fans of the airy toys on playgrounds. On a swing we can quickly forget the stress of everyday life. Do you know it too, when you swing high up and glide down - this feeling of weightlessness and the airplanes in your stomach?

That's exactly why we always wanted to buy cheap swings for the garden, but they didn't last long. As professionals in mechanical engineering and handicraft we decided after the second demolition to build swings ourselves.

This is how SCHAUKELWERK came into being. Admittedly, Corona also forced us to get a little creative in 2020. But looking back, we're glad we took that step. Will you also buy your next swing from us?

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